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Chicago via Dublin & Boston [ Part One ] July 2017

Day 3 - Boston

Walked through Beacon Hill (one of the most amazing city neighbourhoods ever!) and crossed the river towards MIT this morning - there are panoramic views from the Longfellow Bridge towards the city - had to to have a quick sketch.

In the afternoon I joined the Boston sketch group in Newbury Street, on one of only three occasions this year that the street becomes traffic free. The atmosphere was amazing and I even got interviewed by NBC Boston! Hopefully they won't use the footage as I was very wooden!

Day 2 - Boston

Boston is a very comfortable city - I felt exactly the same about Singapore - perhaps not the most radical of cities but no doubt a very nice place to live. A walk around the city centre today and Boston Common followed by some sketching of the fabulous architecture along Beacon Street.

Day 1 - Dublin

A short flight from Southampton early in the morning allowed me 4 hours to wonder around Dublin before joining the flight to Boston - loved the vibe around Temple Bar!

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