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Chicago via Dublin & Boston [ Part Three ]

Day 8 - Chicago - USk Symposium

Another sunny day and two more sketch crawls - the first in the financial quarter where I sat down on the pavement as usual and confused the locals as they went to work. They are so friendly here and always interested in what we're all up to!

In the afternoon, I walked down to the delightful river walk and joined Sketchers from the US and China. I used my brush pen to attempt tocapture the stunning Wrigley and Tribune buildings.

In the evening, I attended a lecture by a new friend Hugo and a group of us went for dinner and a few beers at at local bar.

Day 7 - Chicago - USk Symposium As a basic pass member (without workshops) I joined two sketch crawls today - the first in Millennium Park, home of the 'bean' and Gehry's dramatic open air auditorium (with free concerts in the evening) and the second at Mies van der Rohe's Federal Plaza - the modernist architecture is so pure and timeless and still looks so sharp - really intelligent design and quality materials. Everyone at the symposium is so friendly and interested in everyone else's work as are the locals! The earlier Beacon Street sketches by the way, have received over 66K views on Flickr which is amazing!

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